About me

Hi and welcome to The Striped Sheep. 

My name is Karen Feldman.  I live in New York City with my husband, three boys and a dog.  After a career in real estate law and enduring a rather tough period in my life, I aspired to start something fun and creative.  That manifested into a line of striped shirts for women and children.  Because all mommy and me options on the market are for moms of girls, our kids shirts are gender neutral.  Now moms of boys have an option to match with their littles. 

Not exactly a fashionista, I have a love for uniform and high quality essentials.  A striped shirt is one of the select items that I regularly reach for to elevate any outfit.  Our fabrics are all 100% cotton and come in both classic and bright color combinations.  You will reach for them over and over again. 

For all inquiries please email hello@thestripedsheep.com.